World’s first Demo songs sharing website

You can ask any seasoned industry professional about the value of song demos. Producers some times spend hundreds of hours in the studio trying to re create the ‘feel’ of the demo. A lot of times they may get a more polished ‘studio recording’ but never the true feel of the song that came across in the demo.
In most cases they are always recorded in the most comfortable environment an artist can find- His own home- which is the main contributor of the feel associated with Demo recordings. The limiting environment adds an un explained element as well.
It can be argued that Demos perhaps are more precious than the final recording.

So we figured we need to launch the World’s first Demo songs sharing website.
On this site you will be prompted to add several versions of the same song from demos to final mixes so your audience can witness and get attached to the growth of your song and its many faces and feels.